The Viniplan Technologies aims to develop, deploy, support and manage resources that integrate systems applicable to project management to these projects sought by entrepreneurs. More than a goal, this concept completely changes what the market understands how management systems, since, for VINIPLAN Technologies, your product is the construction of the desired by the customer, who is the project successfully deployed in time and cost .

Viniplan Technologies: systems of knowledge applied to projects that create value for its future processes!

-Application Development for Project Management;
-Support implementation of systems and applications;
-installation and maintenance of systems and applications;
-Integration of management systems projects technological environment customers;


VOLTA REDONDA | Rua 14, nº 350 - Sala 806 - Shopping Pontual - Vila Santa Cecília - Tel.: (24) 3343-0784 - CEP: 27260-140

RIO DE JANEIRO | Av. Paisagista José Silva de Azevedo Neto, nº 200, bl 06, sl 428 O2 Corporate & Offices - Barra da Tijuca - CEP: 22.775-056 - Tel.: (21) 3736-7015.

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