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VINIPLAN is specialized in Projects Planning and Control,

summarized in the Effective Project Management concept. It focus on the implementation of large industrial ventures, whose complexity goes beyond common sense and requires a developed knowledge of methodologies, procedures, tools' applications and training, strongly different fron usual practices in the market.

Criação da Marca Fundamento Missão, Visão e Valor
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VOLTA REDONDA | Rua 14, nº 350 - Sala 806 - Shopping Pontual - Vila Santa Cecília - Tel.: (24) 3343-0784 - CEP: 27260-140

RIO DE JANEIRO | Av. Paisagista José Silva de Azevedo Neto, nº 200, bl 06, sl 428 O2 Corporate & Offices - Barra da Tijuca - CEP: 22.775-056 - Tel.: (21) 3736-7015.

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